The sky is the limit for those who trust in the Lord


‘This is true discipleship’ proclaimed Mrs Chitunhu 60, a 39-year veteran teacher at Waddilove high school during a camp meeting held in March 2023. It was held at Chokwa campsite in the eastern part of Zimbabwe owned by Scripture Union. Bible Society of Zimbabwe (BSZ) hosted 4 schools (Murehwa, Mutambara, St Faith and Waddilove) with the aim of emancipating them from the stereotyping faced by visually impaired persons. William Chikata 15, a form 3 student from Murehwa was among the 65 students at the camp meeting. ‘Hearing success stories of visually impaired persons like advocate Mateta, Mr Chando a mathematics teacher, Liberty Mkhululi Luphahla a radio broadcaster and many other gives me hope that my fate is not sealed to be a vendor after schooling’. ‘I was used to grade 1 braille and struggled with contractions before BSZ visited our school last year, however, now I am comfortable and confident in my read and writing skills using grade 2 braille. The good thing about Compass Braille books is the quality which is quite different to the ones we have at school. Mr Chando from St Faith school couldn’t hold back smiling saying ‘my students are now more engaged and interactive with other sighted students at the school, as they are now participating at church activities such as reading the Bible during church service. Maita basa zvikuru BSZ (Thank you very much BSZ)’ was like a song from students and teachers alike after the end of the 3-day camp meeting.