The Power of Visuals

It was a cold winter’s day, in PachauBinga. Despite the chilly weather people thronged the Church grounds to watch the Book of Mark. It was a surreal moment with joyful singing and dance for the Lord, David could have been jealous. Both the young and the old converged together for one purpose to watch and learn about the life of Jesus. Two hours flew by so fast that it seemed like 20 minutes as everyone was glued to the screen with a few blasts of laughter especially the reaction of a man who was healed from blindness in the desert. Once the film was done it was followed by 30 minutes of sharing what they had shared and Gogo (Grandmother) Mundimba shared they are a great difference between being told the story of Jesus at Church and being able to witness it for oneself it was a great revelation to me as I have understood what Jesus went through for me to have this salvation. She also took time to remind everyone not to take what Jesus did for us lightly and that our deeds are letters which will be read by the world.