Do you remember when you received something that gave you so much joy? Do you remember how much joy you felt?That was the joy Charity Phiri and many other children felt. They received personalised wheelchairs so that they can mix well with their counterparts. Some children with disabilities are discriminated against and even locked in houses by their parents or guardians.


Charity is a girl living with disabilities who cannot walk or provide agricultural work for food security. She can do all other household chores.She couldn’t hide her joy when she received her wheelchair, the Bible, solar light, and other small gifts from the Bible Society of Zimbabwe and Hope Orphans Support Services. She thanked these well-wishers, good Samaritans, for their continued charity work to assist the poor marginalised.


“There are many like me and the orphans who need such safety nets to cushion us from the shocks of the effects of HIV/AIDS, sexual exploitation, climate change, and COVID-19. Food insecurity has become the order of each day; most people can no longer afford to have three square meals per day, due to poverty.

The most affected target populations, in this case, are people who live with physical disabilities, as we are not mobile like our counterparts, thank you so many dear friends for the marvellous job you are doing in our communities.

There are many like us, who are not known, as the caregivers or parents lock us in the houses” she said.The Bible Society of Zimbabwe believes that children living with disabilities should be offered an opportunity to participate in education, church activities or to start a professional training, they should want.We will continue to strengthen the self-image of children with disabilities and promote their self-confidence.

Pastor Angela Ndlovu Testmony

Bakithi kumnandi endlini kumnandi phandle kubetha umoya ebantwaneni kanti labomakhelwane labo sebehlala nje phandle balalele.. Omaphika nkani labo sebebusiseka. Kulethe inguquko enkulu emphefumlweni wami ngoba sengenelisa ukuqeda iNewtestament ngamaviki nje..abancane ikakhulu bayabusiseka kakhulu njalo sesile group yabazolalela every Wednesday ibhuku elithize.. Siyabonga ngohlelo lolu..Engithemba kuzaqhubeka bekhula endlini lasebandleni..Endlini sesisenelisa ukuhlala simamele

Pastor Angela Ndlovu
House of Liberty Ministries International