Pray with us

In 1962, Mai Reverend Kachidza, of the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe, and Mai Major Nhari, of the Salvation Army, formed the first World Day of Prayer (WDP) Zimbabwe interdenominational committee meeting with various Bishops, Ministers, Reverends and Pastors wives and Amai Matsiro. It was held in one of their houses in Mbare. What made these women meet? Mai Reverend Kachidza and Mai Major Nhari saw the need for these wives and other women to meet, pray, know each other and strengthen one another in doing God’s work. They would meet and discuss various issues affecting the society. In 1965, Mibatanidzwa were formed in various locations.As the movement grew, they were faced with the problem of prayer meeting venues as their homes were being overwhelmed by the growing numbers. In 1967, they approached Reverend Kachidza of the methodist Church, who was then General Secretary of the Bible Society of Zimbabwe, to bestow them an office for their meetings. They would meet once a month at the Bible House to discuss issues that they were facing at different locations. They would then meet at their Mibatanidzwa for prayers in which everyone was welcome regardless of which denomination or church they belonged to.

Bible Society of Zimbabwe is an interconfessional organization distributing the Word of God in Zimbabwe. We drive our mandate in the fulfillment of Great Commission,”Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”- Mathew 28:19(ESV).

‘Rise! Take your Mat and Walk’, drawn from John 5:2-9, resonates well with our values and fits our strategic direction, therefore we are greatly honoured to partner withWDPin giving spiritual and social support to mothers who have children that are bad abled. As Bible Society of Zimbabwewe want to take a holistic approach by advocating for and empowering both the mother and challenged child in the community, whilst bringing our unique skills and area of expertise as a Society. Bible Society of Zimbabwe is the custodian of the Word of God in Zimbabwean and we believe in prayer.

Prayer is a powerful tool that we possess and it allows us to reap all that God has already given us. Prayer allows God to intervene in one’s everyday life and its so supernatural that it enables us to get access to everything God has promised us.Prayer alleviates fear and confusion and allows God to bring about positive transformation in one’s life.