Green symbolizes life, detergent, a new kid on the block completed the puzzle

Culturally, the color green is believed to be associated with life. If it is a dream, then the meaning will be life in its fullness. This belief came true to Ms Takede [53] a mother of 4 who shared her happiness as she took part in the dishwasher training carried out by the Bible Society of Zimbabwe at Mkoba 20, Gweru on the 23rd of March 2023. When making dishwashing liquid, the green dye is added at the very last stage and to Ms Takede, the detergent completed the puzzle of her life. ‘I am blessed with 4 children and all of them have hearing impairment. My husband endured with me as I bore and raised my first 3 deaf children. We struggled together in this pathway as we tried to fully accept what we had been given by God. However, his patience ceased when I gave birth to our fourth born son whom he so much expected would be a hearing child. He got angry at me, disappointment was written all over his face and couldn’t bear it any longer, so he left me. Until today, 17 years later I don’t know where he is. I have worked hard for my children and all of them are doing well in life. My last born passed 3 subjects only when he wrote his national examinations and is zealous of furthering his studies in computers as he is so passionate in that discipline. I am so much blessed to be part of the dish washer training program as I have gained a skill that will help me look for money to further my son’s education’ she said. Amongst a vast list of wares that she sells, Ms Takede now has a new kid in stock, dishwashing liquid.

The addition of dishwashing liquid has increased her turnover as her mobile shop is slowly turning into a one-stop shop.  She thanked Bible Society of Zimbabwe for the life transforming program as she has added dishwashing liquid on her list of fast selling products which in this case, she manufactures from the comfort of her home. As she narrated her story, it could be noted that customers were buying and by so doing, looking after her children will soon be a joyous responsibility other than suffering a marital and economical problem in one person.