Empowering mothers of differently-abled children 

We train women who have differently-abled children, by so doing we do projects such as dishwasher making, vaseline, form bath and other training such as diet. We train the women, when we train the women we give them chemicals to make dishwashers and sell the rest so that they can make money after selling the products to take care of their kids.

We also take the kids for assessment and when they are assessed if it’s a child who does not walk he or she will be given a wheelchair. An ordinary wheelchair will be customized according to the child’s disability. A child with severe types of cerebral Palsy needs a cerebral Palsy wheelchair and children born paralyzed are given also wheelchairs. We also design tailor-made shoes for people with disabilities so that it can fit them. This is done when mostly one leg is shorter than the other.

Bible Society of Zimbabwe is in partnership with World Day of Prayer, seeks to take a holistic approach by advocating and empowering both the mother and challenged child in the community, whilst bringing its own unique skills and area of expertise as Bible Society. We aim to provide Scriptures to the mothers of disabled children( Bibles + bookmarks with verses for inspiration and encouragement) and their children (Children’s Bibles), for them to have the Word as their source of strength and comfort.

We seek to empower the mothers through income generating workshops.We also seek to help them from support groups as they receive testimonies from those who have raised children living with disability.This is meant to focus more on reducing the stigma and isolation surrounding those with children living with disability and also highlighting the reality of disability in the community. There will be advocacy workshops and special training ( including Bible studies) for mothers with challenged children in Zimbabwe by partnering with responsible authorities to ensure that it conveys the reality of disability and gives support to those living with disability.