Empowering mothers of differently abled children


Mikel Dzivakwe 7, is a grade 2 student at St Giles special school in Harare. Bible Society of Zimbabwe recently visited the school as part of empowering children who are differently abled by distributing childre’s Bibles which improves literacy and a great starter pack for knowing the Word of God. Abigail Chakaza 39, mother to Mikel like most mothers of students that attend the school wait at the school grounds for their children to finish school then go home together. The reason being that they can’t afford to go home after dropping them off only to return after 4 hours when they are done with school. We have a lot of unproductive time on our hands as we wait for our children to finish school which gives us time for reflections and question God why us. Taking care of a child with special needs in no small feat.

“The last of my 3 children, Mikel was diagonised with cerebral palsy at 8 months. The prolonged labour during child birth cause him to faint in the birth canal and become unconscious and only had his first cry after 3 hours after birth.

We are grateful for the empowerment we receiving from BSZ, that is the Bibles and bookmarkers with powerful verses to soldier us on and a proclaimer that we listen to while waiting for our children. The Word has become my refuge, I have this renewed strength that is not my own. As Mikel siblings will be reading these books and him learning to read on his own it will bring about positive transformation not only to him but my whole family. I know for a fact once His Word depart from his mouth it will not return empty never, change is coming.