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Sign Language Church Engagement towards opening a Deaf Church in Zimbabwe.

Sign Language Church Engagement towards opening a Deaf Church in Zimbabwe

The Bible Society of Zimbabwe together with churches, representatives from the Deaf community and organisations for the Deaf was holding deliberations on how to establish a Deaf Church for those which have hearing impairment in Zimbabwe.
Currently, there is no Sign Language Church in Zimbabwe that is for those with hearing impairment, therefore the Bible Society of Zimbabwe as it is running Sign Language as one of its Bible Translation projects also saw it fit to assist the Deaf community to establish one.
The workshop was very insightful as important aspects in the deaf culture were being taught to the churches so as to sensitize the hearing so that the Deaf church can be formalized. Help us to pray for this intiative so that our Deaf community will finally have their Deaf Church in Zimbabwe.
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When one door closes, another one opens

When one Door Closes, another one opens

Melania Kwamatombo [35], mother Raven Mutepfa [7] stays in Torwood, a mining area in Kwekwe. Seven years ago, Raven came to this world and joy was the order of the day as a baby boy was born in the family. All was going on well up until he just fell sick after a series of flactuating body tempratures. Having gone in and out of hospital, Raven’s health deterioted to alarming levels. His eyes and stature visibly changed and all hope for the fututure was shuttered when on a regular check up day, that is the Doctor who was assessing him broke the news as he concluded that Raven had developed Celebral Palsy. ‘It is at this stage of life that life started to turn its back on us,’ she said.

Facing the reality of what we have seen and heard became a toll order of life. It became a permanent journey of life where I had to adapt to the new order. Everywhere I go, work or live it became the norm that Raven should be by my side. Raven cannot do anything on his own. Being low income earners who live on a hand to mouth life on a daily basis in the western parts of Kwekwe where mining is the order of the day has never been easy especially when you have to work for your family on a daily basis. There are seasons when the load is unbearable especially considering the fact that our day starts early as I do short term contract jobs [popularly known as piece jobs] and my husband is into small-scale horticulutre where he sell seedlings. Having pulled in one direction with my husband, still the little we get is not sufficient to sustain us as a family. I carry Raven to where I will be working on that particular day and a well wisher gave him a wheelchair some years back but it has worn out and nolonger suitable for my son.

Little did I know that when one door closes, another one was opening through the coming of Bible Society of Zimbabwe with the skills invested in me and other mothers. Today, I will be going home with knowledge on how to make dishwashing liquid and foam bath. I and other mothers have also received knowledge on basic physiotherapy, types, causes of disabilities and types of food suitable for specific disabilities. This project will help us in starting a support group and relieve stress that is necessitated by pondering on the day to day challenges of our time.Asked for a motivating verse, Mellania said that ‘the Lord is my Sherpherd, I shall not want…’ Psalm 23 Vs 1.

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Five years late, but still on time

Five years late, but still on time


In 2021, the Bible Society of Zimbabwe visited Jairos Jiri hostel in Pumula East located in Bulawayo Province to distribute Braille Bibles and story books. There we met Mengezi Ncube 17, a grade 7 learner and brilliant young man who had the love and zeal for reading but lacked resources. After the Bible Society of Zimbabwe’s visit, Mengezi immersed himself into reading the bible and the story books that had been donated.

On a follow up visit done on the 9th of March 2023, he shared with us one of his favorite stories from the bible which is a story of David and Goliath. The story gave me a practical lesson in life that I should be brave enough to stand up for myself in the face of my bullies or enemies. I liken Goliath to giant situations and obstacles in life that seem too big for me to overcome, be it family rejection, blindness itself, or being looked down upon by friends and relatives.


I can always make it despite those circumstances and I, the least expected can climb up higher the ladder of life than those expected, just like David did when he defeated Goliath, him being the least expected, a mere sheep shepherd became King after defeating Goliath. I have heard discouraging words from my peers and relatives that that I’m too old for the grade I am doing, but I have turned a deaf ear to them as I know that I will go through this obstacle God being my helper. I may have started school late, but I have learnt a lot in the 7 years of primary school at St Bernard’s primary. With the knowledge gathered from reading braille given to us by the Bible Society, I now help other children at St Bernard’s primary school read braille and they are doing pretty well too.

The Bible Society also visited Kadoma Jairos Jiri School for the blind on the 1st of February 2023 and distributed braille. The school has an enrollment of 161 learners. Mrs. Hlabanu the headmistress was so grateful for the donation and could not hold back her words as she alluded, ‘The Bibles have been of much benefit to our learners because more than 70% of our learners have improved in their reading and have also improved in their spellings’.

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New Testament distribution

We distributed the New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs across the country and here is a look at some of the beneficiaries.

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Four years ago, Mercy Mudzengerere (24) was blessed with a bouncing baby boy, Leon Mhike. Like every mother’s wish, she wanted to see her child grow little did she know that the delay in sitting and crawling was the beginning of a tiresome journey. At two and half years, Leon was in and out of the hospital only to be told that he had cerebral palsy and this was when life became a nightmare. “Individuals and organizations visited me, took pictures of me and my son, gave me colorful promises only to discover that not all the knocks are genuine” she said. As months went by, “I heard another knock, this time it had the word ‘Bible’ as part of its name. As a Christian, I had no choice but to attend to the knock. Bible Society of Zimbabwe through one of its projects called, “Empowering Mothers of Differently Abled Children” already had me, my child, my spiritual life and my physical life in their plans. On this hot, sunny day I carried Leon on my back as usual since I had no one to leave him with. Upon arrival at the venue where the Bible Society of Zimbabwe had invited me, I discovered that Leon had many friends and, on that day, I got convinced that some mothers were wearing the same shoes as mine. I was taught on causes and types of disabilities, also learnt that adapting is key. As if it was not enough, I was trained to make a 20-liter bucket of dishwashing liquid”. For the first time, Leon got assessed by a qualified technician and a recommendation for a walking ring was made. Many thanks to the Bible Society of Zimbabwe for empowering me socially, spiritually and economically. “I am looking forward to receiving an assistive device for Leon. Very soon, the culture of carrying him on my back will be a thing of the past. In all these and other circumstances my consoling verse remains; Psalm 32 v 7-8 “You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance….”

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World Day of Prayer: Empowering mothers of differently able children

World Day of Prayer: Empowering mothers of differently able children

Zibusiso M Moyo aged 22 is from Mpoeng from Village called Patse in Matabeleland South Province. Zibusiso grew up as a normal young man who took part in school activities such as traditional dancing, singing, and reading the bible during assembly.

When he was in grade 7 he started feeling a persistent tingling sensation in his legs. He was then taken to Plumtree hospital which is situated in plumtree town where doctors suspected Arthritis however they could not fully confirm as the scan they had could not do a full body scan.

After receiving such devastating news his first reaction was to turn to the word in John 14vs1 which has been his anchor verse till today. The family was supportive and they did all they could to assist him

and support him, even though his mother and father faced their own medical challenges. The community had mixed reactions as the Zibusiso who loved to dance and sing and share the word of God had changed right before their eyes. Others blamed him and his parents saying maybe this was a punishment from God.

Zibusiso never lost hope despite negative comments from the community instead still continues with his passion for music and encourages himself with the word of God. In his spare time, he sings even though he cannot dance being differently abled never deterred him from his passion. He is grateful for the Bible Society of Zimbabwe coming to assist not only him but the community at large in how they can earn extra income as well as give bibles and wheelchairs.

“Ngithabela ukuthi iwheelchair izangincedisa ukuba ngenelise ukuhambahamba ukuze ngithengise lami”

He is happy the wheelchair will help him maneuver around to not sell dishwashers but perhaps start another business.

In closing his favourite verses that always motivate him and give him hope is John 14vs1…now he will be able to read it for himself from his new bible.

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Seven years ago, Monica Machingura, a lady aged 42, a Waterfalls resident in the city of Harare gave birth to Tapiwanashe Junior Mutizwa (7) who developed Hydrocephalus, a condition whereby there is build-up of cerebrospinal fluid in the hollow places inside the brain.

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From left; Dr S. Chamburuka (Translation Officer), Mrs E. Vengeyi (Project Team Member), Dr C. Muchechetere (Board Chairperson), Ms S. Zonde (Project Team Member), Mr S. Gwasira (General Secretary) and Mr T. Maraire (Programs Manager).

We are excited and we congratulate the African Women Team who worked on the African Women Devotional Bible project.

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Shona Study Bible

The Bible Society of Zimbabwe has launched the first ever Shona Study Bible (Bhaibheri Re ChiShona Rine Tsanangudzo) in Zimbabwe, on May 27 2021.

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Why me ?

Bible Society of Zimbabwe, visited the mountainous eastern highlands where they met Prisca Maneswa, (11) was born in 2010 and at four months, it was discovered that she had hydrocephalus and she was then referred to Mutare Provincial hospital for treatment.

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