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When one door closes, another one opens

When one Door Closes, another one opens

Melania Kwamatombo [35], mother Raven Mutepfa [7] stays in Torwood, a mining area in Kwekwe. Seven years ago, Raven came to this world and joy was the order of the day as a baby boy was born in the family. All was going on well up until he just fell sick after a series of flactuating body tempratures. Having gone in and out of hospital, Raven’s health deterioted to alarming levels. His eyes and stature visibly changed and all hope for the fututure was shuttered when on a regular check up day, that is the Doctor who was assessing him broke the news as he concluded that Raven had developed Celebral Palsy. ‘It is at this stage of life that life started to turn its back on us,’ she said.

Facing the reality of what we have seen and heard became a toll order of life. It became a permanent journey of life where I had to adapt to the new order. Everywhere I go, work or live it became the norm that Raven should be by my side. Raven cannot do anything on his own. Being low income earners who live on a hand to mouth life on a daily basis in the western parts of Kwekwe where mining is the order of the day has never been easy especially when you have to work for your family on a daily basis. There are seasons when the load is unbearable especially considering the fact that our day starts early as I do short term contract jobs [popularly known as piece jobs] and my husband is into small-scale horticulutre where he sell seedlings. Having pulled in one direction with my husband, still the little we get is not sufficient to sustain us as a family. I carry Raven to where I will be working on that particular day and a well wisher gave him a wheelchair some years back but it has worn out and nolonger suitable for my son.

Little did I know that when one door closes, another one was opening through the coming of Bible Society of Zimbabwe with the skills invested in me and other mothers. Today, I will be going home with knowledge on how to make dishwashing liquid and foam bath. I and other mothers have also received knowledge on basic physiotherapy, types, causes of disabilities and types of food suitable for specific disabilities. This project will help us in starting a support group and relieve stress that is necessitated by pondering on the day to day challenges of our time.Asked for a motivating verse, Mellania said that ‘the Lord is my Sherpherd, I shall not want…’ Psalm 23 Vs 1.

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