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Five years late, but still on time

Five years late, but still on time


In 2021, the Bible Society of Zimbabwe visited Jairos Jiri hostel in Pumula East located in Bulawayo Province to distribute Braille Bibles and story books. There we met Mengezi Ncube 17, a grade 7 learner and brilliant young man who had the love and zeal for reading but lacked resources. After the Bible Society of Zimbabwe’s visit, Mengezi immersed himself into reading the bible and the story books that had been donated.

On a follow up visit done on the 9th of March 2023, he shared with us one of his favorite stories from the bible which is a story of David and Goliath. The story gave me a practical lesson in life that I should be brave enough to stand up for myself in the face of my bullies or enemies. I liken Goliath to giant situations and obstacles in life that seem too big for me to overcome, be it family rejection, blindness itself, or being looked down upon by friends and relatives.


I can always make it despite those circumstances and I, the least expected can climb up higher the ladder of life than those expected, just like David did when he defeated Goliath, him being the least expected, a mere sheep shepherd became King after defeating Goliath. I have heard discouraging words from my peers and relatives that that I’m too old for the grade I am doing, but I have turned a deaf ear to them as I know that I will go through this obstacle God being my helper. I may have started school late, but I have learnt a lot in the 7 years of primary school at St Bernard’s primary. With the knowledge gathered from reading braille given to us by the Bible Society, I now help other children at St Bernard’s primary school read braille and they are doing pretty well too.

The Bible Society also visited Kadoma Jairos Jiri School for the blind on the 1st of February 2023 and distributed braille. The school has an enrollment of 161 learners. Mrs. Hlabanu the headmistress was so grateful for the donation and could not hold back her words as she alluded, ‘The Bibles have been of much benefit to our learners because more than 70% of our learners have improved in their reading and have also improved in their spellings’.

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