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Four years ago, Mercy Mudzengerere (24) was blessed with a bouncing baby boy, Leon Mhike. Like every mother’s wish, she wanted to see her child grow little did she know that the delay in sitting and crawling was the beginning of a tiresome journey. At two and half years, Leon was in and out of the hospital only to be told that he had cerebral palsy and this was when life became a nightmare. “Individuals and organizations visited me, took pictures of me and my son, gave me colorful promises only to discover that not all the knocks are genuine” she said. As months went by, “I heard another knock, this time it had the word ‘Bible’ as part of its name. As a Christian, I had no choice but to attend to the knock. Bible Society of Zimbabwe through one of its projects called, “Empowering Mothers of Differently Abled Children” already had me, my child, my spiritual life and my physical life in their plans. On this hot, sunny day I carried Leon on my back as usual since I had no one to leave him with. Upon arrival at the venue where the Bible Society of Zimbabwe had invited me, I discovered that Leon had many friends and, on that day, I got convinced that some mothers were wearing the same shoes as mine. I was taught on causes and types of disabilities, also learnt that adapting is key. As if it was not enough, I was trained to make a 20-liter bucket of dishwashing liquid”. For the first time, Leon got assessed by a qualified technician and a recommendation for a walking ring was made. Many thanks to the Bible Society of Zimbabwe for empowering me socially, spiritually and economically. “I am looking forward to receiving an assistive device for Leon. Very soon, the culture of carrying him on my back will be a thing of the past. In all these and other circumstances my consoling verse remains; Psalm 32 v 7-8 “You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance….”

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