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World Day of Prayer: Empowering mothers of differently able children

World Day of Prayer: Empowering mothers of differently able children

Zibusiso M Moyo aged 22 is from Mpoeng from Village called Patse in Matabeleland South Province. Zibusiso grew up as a normal young man who took part in school activities such as traditional dancing, singing, and reading the bible during assembly.

When he was in grade 7 he started feeling a persistent tingling sensation in his legs. He was then taken to Plumtree hospital which is situated in plumtree town where doctors suspected Arthritis however they could not fully confirm as the scan they had could not do a full body scan.

After receiving such devastating news his first reaction was to turn to the word in John 14vs1 which has been his anchor verse till today. The family was supportive and they did all they could to assist him

and support him, even though his mother and father faced their own medical challenges. The community had mixed reactions as the Zibusiso who loved to dance and sing and share the word of God had changed right before their eyes. Others blamed him and his parents saying maybe this was a punishment from God.

Zibusiso never lost hope despite negative comments from the community instead still continues with his passion for music and encourages himself with the word of God. In his spare time, he sings even though he cannot dance being differently abled never deterred him from his passion. He is grateful for the Bible Society of Zimbabwe coming to assist not only him but the community at large in how they can earn extra income as well as give bibles and wheelchairs.

“Ngithabela ukuthi iwheelchair izangincedisa ukuba ngenelise ukuhambahamba ukuze ngithengise lami”

He is happy the wheelchair will help him maneuver around to not sell dishwashers but perhaps start another business.

In closing his favourite verses that always motivate him and give him hope is John 14vs1…now he will be able to read it for himself from his new bible.

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