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Seven years ago, Monica Machingura, a lady aged 42, a Waterfalls resident in the city of Harare gave birth to Tapiwanashe Junior Mutizwa (7) who developed Hydrocephalus, a condition whereby there is build-up of cerebrospinal fluid in the hollow places inside the brain.

Tapiwanashe underwent an operation where he was inserted a shunt (ventriculoperitoneal) to drain the fluid. Thereafter he could not sit, talk or walk. Carrying him was a challenge, be it to church or to the garden let alone doing house chores. “People stigmatized me and some laughed at me”, she said. Tapiwanashe was supposed to go for physiotherapy but did not manage due to lack of resources and he later suffered a stroke on his right side which was due to the four (4) operations he had undergone. “I always wished if I could get a wheelchair for him.  Now he is 7 years of age and has not yet gone for physiotherapy.  I was told about Bible Society of Zimbabwe who started to give me help like food hampers and psycho-social support. Today I have been given a wheelchair for Tapiwanashe which has now reduced the weight of my burdens. I am now able to move around with him in his wheelchair. He was spending most of his time in the house. I can now take him outside to play with others and also take him to the hospital without any problem.  I would like to thank Bible Society of Zimbabwe for remembering Tapiwanashe with a wheelchair. I never thought of ever receiving a wheelchair after several years of endless promises from different people and organizations. Bible Society of Zimbabwe has wiped several tears and today I join the endless list of those who have had the opportunity to rub shoulders with Bible Society. I had written his name to different organisations who were said to be giving wheelchairs but they never came through”, she narrated to our Bible Society team.

Monica Machingura could not hold her tears as she looked at the wheelchair, her wish had finally come true.  Her seven years of staying in the wilderness were finally over. The light had shone on her through the visitation made by the Bible Society of Zimbabwe


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