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Shona Study Bible

The Bible Society of Zimbabwe has launched the first ever Shona Study Bible (Bhaibheri Re ChiShona Rine Tsanangudzo) in Zimbabwe, on May 27 2021.

It’s a great tool that is meant for enhancing deeper understanding of the Bible at personal level, an instrument to the theological students, Pastors, Christians and everyone so that it conveys the intended messages to the readers.

There are exceptional features that are found in the Shona Study Bible. These outstanding features include Nhanganyara yebhuku rimwe nerimwe (Introductions for each book), Munyori nguva yakanyorwa nevakanyorerwa (Author, Date, and Recipients), Madingindira (Themes of the book), Madingindira makuru (Key Themes), Karenda yeChiHebheru (Hebrew Calendar), Konikodhanzi (Concordance), Manotsi (Notes), Mamepu (Maps), Zvinongedzo (References). Verse by verse commentary, that is, an explanation or notes in the Bible text and it provides textual guidelines in topical studies.

Not only does the Shona Study Bible have a verse-by-verse commentary, concordance, maps, Biblical character profiles and a Hebrew calendar, it has got a large font size which enables older people and people with eyesight problems to read clearly.

The goal of Bhaibheri ReChiShona Rine Tsanangudzo (Shona Study Bible), above all is to honor the Lord-in terms of its excellence, beauty, and value, in terms of Helping People Interact with the Word of God (Our Motto) and understand the gospel, and Jesus Christ.






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