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Loyiso Sola’s story

Loyiso Sola, an orphaned nineteen year old young man resides in the old hostels of Sidojiwe in Bulawayo. Sidojiwe flats, located in Donnington industrial area of Bulawayo were built during the colonial era (1950s) to accommodate Bachelors who were working in the industries during that period.

When most industries collapsed in Bulawayo, the hostel was now the hotspot of all evil as all these bachelors remained unemployed. The government then built houses in Mganwini surbub and relocated everyone who resided at Sidojiwe hostel. The hostel was left vacant for a while.

Due to the increased rural-urban migration, the hostels are overcrowded to date. They are occupied by several families with the arrangement in which at least two families fit into each room. Most people who reside in Bulawayo Sidojiwe flats can’t afford to pay rentals in better places, thus they resort to these outdated hostels for accommodation. Sidojiwe- meaning, “we have been picked” in the local Ndebele Language ironically points to their need for a helping hand that will pick them up and place them in better housing conditions.


“I have just completed my o’ level studies at Cyrene secondary school, however I haven’t managed to collect my results due to financial problems, I owe the school money hence my failure to collect my results. My mother’s younger sister who resides in Botswana is the one who has been paying for my fees, and now that I have completed my o’level, my mother’s sister can’t help me any longer. Currently I do piece jobs to survive and to take care of my mother’s elder sister whom I live with at Sidojiwe. My mother’s sister is struggling with diabetes hence she can’t delve in productive work” Loyiso said.

Loyiso is a young person actively involved in the preaching of the gospel. “I love God and I am willing to work for Him. God’s presence in my life has given me strength ever since I was a child, orphaned as I was, and more troubles I faced, I found strength in the Lord. I aspire to be a Pastor as well as a commercial farmer. I pray God blesses the work of my hands” Loyiso explained.

“Thanks to the Bible society for the Faith comes by hearing project, the proclaimers are the best tools which we can use in ministry. They are easy to use and they can be

listened to while working. I and my mother use to listen to the proclaimer every day before we sleep and our spiritual lives are uplifted daily. My mother likes the proclaimer a lot. The word of God comforts her in her sickness.




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