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It’s never too late

Bible Society of Zimbabwe aims to provide scriptures to all in their preferred language and format. The team traveled to Mberengwa Midlands province for a braille distribution.

At Musume High School we met a form 3 visually impaired girl called  Ropafadzo Jacob (23), despite her age mates having completed their tertiary education, she is still eager to complete her high school.

Her parents lacked exposure and did not see the importance of a blind child attending school, help came when their pastor from the Evangelical Lutheran church in Zimbabwe came and told them about Musume high school.

“I started learning braille in 2012 when I was 15, moreover, my parents never knew that the visually impaired can also go to school and make it in life. Like the bible says in Mathew 19 v 26 ‘…but with God, all things are possible’, this verse has been my greatest motivation,” Ropa said.

She is inspired by Abraham Muteta, who is also visually impaired and a human rights advocate as she also inspires to be a lawyer,“In 2022, I will be sitting for my O’level examinations. Unfortunately I do not have a teacher currently because he retired. For that reason I need a specialist teacher. Some teachers have tried to help me, but they cannot use braille. Failure to getting a teacher, a recorder may be of help to me,” Ropa said.


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