Special Projects

1.Widows & Orphans (89607-2007/8/9)

The project is a response to HIV/AIDS pandemic that has resulted in a staggering death toll among young and middle-aged adults and a phenomenal increase in the number of widows and orphans. Bible Society of Zimbabwe has distributed bibles, HIV /aids literature to Chinyaradzo Children’s Home (2010) and Pfudzi Wakanaka Children’s (2008). The project’s main thrust is for beneficiaries to experience a sense of being cared for and belonging to the family of God. This has helped them to continue living.

2.Healing the nation Project

Two thousand copies of healing to the Nation booklets published in Ndebele, Shona and English were printed and distributed. The intention of producing the healing a nation booklet was to promote reconciliation and forgiveness.

3.HIV/AIDS Project (50521-2005)

In 2009 Bible Society of Zimbabwe General Secretary Reverend Ikabodi Chinyati held a special Bible Society Christ Centred HIV/Aids Awareness Campaign in partnership with  Simbarashe Network for people Living with HIV/AIDS. The Scheme was awarded first prize by the National Aids Council of Zimbabwe. Under the project 956 bibles were awarded to people living with HIV/AIDS.

4.Let the Children Speak (89603 -2007/8/9)

The Just Children Foundation re-habilited children received bibles form Bible Society of Zimbabwe for personal devotion, church use and religious studies. The Just Children Foundation pastors who are continually in touch with every child in their co-fostering project give  the children continued psycho-social support.

5.Scholarly Edition Project

Scholarly edition books including the Septuanta, Hebrew dictionary, Hebrew Bible Greek or English New Testament Dictionary, Greek New English Dictionary, Hebrew Study Bible, Greek Latin New Testament to mention but a few were distributed to 19 bible schools, universities and theological colleges schools in Harare and Mutare. Theological  students use the scholarly edition  books as reference points in libraries.

6.Helping Catholic Believers encounter scripture through Lectio Divina (89624)

3882 Lectio Divina booklets were donated to Roman Catholic Church in Zimbabwe from year 2009. Below is a photograph of Catholic Bishop Conference Secretary receiving books for on distribution to Roman Catholic Church Archdiocese Nationwide Network.

The project focused on strengthening relations with the Catholic Church by helping  Catholic Believers encounter scripture.

7.Scriptures for the visually impaired in Ndebele Braille (89619-2007)

Bible Society of Zimbabwe in an effort to make scriptures accessible for the Ndebele speaking visually impaired. Distributed Ndebele Braille material mostly in Matabeleland and Midlands’s area where Ndebele language is mostly spoken. The Council for the Blind in Bulawayo was given 186 Braille Ndebele New Testament books whilst Lower Gwelo Mission School for the blind received 176 Ndebele Braille scriptures. In third position was Jairos Jiri School for the blind which was given 148 Ndebele New Testament Braille books. Dorothy Duncan Braille Library, also benefited and 26 schools for the visually impaired nationwide. Below is a photograph of staffers at Dorothy Duncan Library receiving Bible Society of Zimbabwe Braille material.

8.Zimbabwe Defence Forces Army 89606 – 2008

5374 bibles plus family related literature, HIV/aids reader portions have been distributed to Zimbabwean troops since 2009 to date. Zimbabwean troops under this project have been encouraged to return to God, value family re-union, uphold health marital relations, study the bible and seek to overcome any challenges in their lives by making use of the word of God as their Guideline. They were also encouraged to make use of HIV/aids and family related literature donated to their libraries.

9.Chikunda translation Project (89605)

In August 2009 Bible Society of Zimbabwe launched a Chikunda New Testament in Kanyemba Village. To date 9 books of the old testament have been translated, comprising  minor prophets  and five books of law authored by Moses (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, numbers & Deuteronomy). The translation team in Kanyemba is now working tirelessly to complete the remaining books.

10. Printing & Publishing of the Ndau Bible (89610)

Bible Society of Zimbabwe has placed an order of 5000 Ndau Bibles with the bibles expected to arrive by the end of July 2010.

11. Zimbabwe Republic Police Project

Bible Society of Zimbabwe distributed 2146 bibles in the year 2010 mainly to Zimbabwe Republic police recruits. The recruits who use bibles during their daily church services were encouraged to be exemplary  Police officers after graduation and do everything possible to shun corruption, bribery, nepotism, extortion, injustice. The recipients were also encouraged to uphold strong family relations by shunning divorce and family discord.

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